EFI Harley Davidson Fuel Line Adapter And Pressure Tester

For a clean install when using the “Mega Flames Setup”, instead of cutting your hard plastic fuel line in between the fuel tank and the fuel injector we have a solution. Our Harley Davidson EFI fuel line adapter makes this part of the install a snap. Literally! Unplug your fuel line from the fuel tank by using the quick disconnect and insert the fuel adapter in between the tank and the fuel line. The fuel adapter has a 1/8 NPT female outlet that will accept a male NPT to AN fitting adapter. You can connect a braided stainless steel fuel line with AN fittings on each end in between the fuel adapter and the NOS solenoid.  Can also be used to check your fuel pressure by adding the appropriate guage/bleeder valve ( note does not come with guage/bleeder valve ).

Price: $79.95