Warranty, Disclaimer, and Privacy Policy

At Hot Licks Exhaust, we have complete confidence in our parts. They are all made to the highest standards and designed to last a lifetime. We also understand that there are cheaper flame thrower products on the market that just don't hold up under the heat. That's why we offer a Full Lifetime Warranty on all our parts. If you find a defect in any one of our parts during the life of your car, call us and we'll make it right. Defects in materials and workmanship are limited to repair or replacement at "Hot Licks Exhaust's" discretion. "Hot Licks Exhaust Inc." shall not be liable for accidents, property damage, or bodily injury directly or indirectly from any defect in its products or from their use! "Hot Licks Inc." makes no warranty expressed or implied that it's products are merchantable or fit for a particular purpose.


Lifetime Tech Support

We designed the Hot Licks Exhaust system so it is easy to install and easier to use. But we understand that there are times when things don't go just right. That's why we offer Full Lifetime Technical Support. If you have any problems with installation or performance of your Hot Licks Exhaust, just call us–anytime. We are here to help. Phone: 850.473.0465


Patented & Copyrighted

All Instructions, plans, drawings, photos, and videos are patented and copyrighted and therefore property of "Hot Licks Exhaust Inc."  products, instructions, plans, drawings, photos, and videos may not be copied, posted on the internet, or resold without permission. By purchasing anything from "Hot Licks Exhaust Inc." or viewing this website you agree to these terms. If you copy, remake, resell, or post  "Hot Licks Exhaust Inc." kits, plans, instructions,  drawings, photos, or videos anywhere you are willfully breaking patent and copyright laws and  will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By purchasing and/or accepting any products you have agreed to the above terms.


Privacy Policy

We at Hot Licks Exhaust Inc. know how important it is to feel safe.  That's why, as being an e-commerce store and accepting sensitive and private data in the course of a normal transaction, we have taken extreme measures to make sure your information is safe and secure. Information addressed within our site includes (but is not limited to):

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Extreme care is taken to ensure the privacy of your data when you utilize our online stores.  All sales completed on our servers are protected through a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

Shopper data is given ONLY to the merchant operating the online store the shopper is purchasing from. Specific information is not used for any other purpose whatsoever, although general statistical data may be generated from the information.


Single: $169.95

Dual: $199.95


All kits come 100% complete ready to install with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and backed by our LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT.