Flamethrower Video

If you want to watch over 55 minutes of exciting flamethrowing, the art of blowing fire through a car's exhaust pipes, then "The Flamethrowers" is a must for you. The only video in the world exclusivley of flamethrowers, sold exclucisively here. If you've never experienced this outrageous activity, here's your chance. "The Flamethrowers" contains some of "the best big and small flames on film." Flamethrowing began in the Fifties with a choke technique that shot flames about two to three feet in length. In the mid-90's the popularity of "lighting it up" grew as the flames increased in length through the development of injection systems. Intrigued by the huge flames and the men who shot it, Bob Findlay followed some of these flamethrowing pioneers through five states, capturing footage at events big and small. Not only is there footage from the mega-shows , but also of a local car club shooting flames at a Burger King. What a flame-broiled delight! (55 Minutes. VHS or DVD.)

Price: $24.95