Flames on Command

Hot Licks is the world's best source for exhaust flamethrowers and exhaust flame kits! Plus, we are the only company in existence to offer a 100% complete kit with a lifetime warranty and lifetime tech support. Hot Licks flame thrower kits are compact by design for easy installation. Our single exhaust flame kits and dual exhaust flame kits are perfect if you have limited space or you want a clean professional install with top of the line components. Beware of no name chinese fake counterfiet kits with no warranty or customer service.

We have a passion for high-quality flame thrower kits that come 100% complete ready to install out of the box.  All other flamethrower kits on the market come with no warranty and no customer service. We are here to help you with any questions before you purchase and for sure when you are installing and have tech questions. We are an American company and appreciate your business.  If you want the baddest vehicle around then buy the best, buy a Hot Licks flame kit. Perfect for most Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles. If you have a motor and exhaust, we have a flame thrower kit for you!

Better Customer Service: Talk with a real person and not an answering machine: 1.850.473.0465 or email hotlicksinc@hotmail.com.

What Customers are Saying

"I wanted to thank you for your product. Great stuff. Thanks for your time. You guys answer the phone every time I call. Wow! Wish other shops were as helpful as you." —Tom L.



Single: $169.95

Dual: $199.95


All kits come 100% complete ready to install with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and backed by our LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT.