Seeing is believing! Some pictures are of customers using just the basic kit to achieve the 6-24 inch blowtorch flames and some are of customers using the basic kit and the mega flames setup to achieve the 3-6 foot wild flames. Check out these incredible shots of flame thrower kits in action! You’ll see cars, trucks and motorcycles spewing some killer flames.  As you’ll clearly see from the images here, this is the coolest way to set your ride apart from the crowd! Whether you want a 6-24 inch blow torch flame or a 3-6 foot wild flame we can help. Plus, you may be able to see the crowds gathered around some of these rides. Flame throwing can be a real attention getter. And if you’re shooting flames with a Hot Licks Exhaust kit you'll be the center of attention!

Flame Throwing Draws Every Kind of Ride Enthusiast

Some guys are in to speed and power. Others like lowering and raising the suspension. Still other classic car buffs like to restore and give an old car an oem look. The thing about flame throwing is that it draws from all of these groups. Everyone who loves cars , trucks, or bikes, loves the flame throwing concept. There's just something about it that puts a smile on everyone's face when they see flames coming out of your exhaust!

After checking out these photos, don’t forget to see the videos as well. Then, make the leap – buy a kit! See what everyone is talking about. Make your car a fire-breathing dragon!


Single: $169.95

Dual: $199.95


All kits come 100% complete ready to install with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and backed by our LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT.