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Hot Licks featured on Orange County Choppers 2014

Orange County Choppers recently used a Hot Licks Exhaust flamethrower kit on CMT.

Check us out on CNBC’s new show “The Car Chasers” Premiering March 5, 2013

See one bad Mercury layin down the heat!

Check us out on The Discovery Channel’s biker show “The Devil’s Ride” Airing February 18, 2013

See how "The Devil's Ride" likes Hot Licks Exhaust flamethrowers in action!

Check us out on Speed TV!

Check us out again on this season of Car Warriors on Speed TV.

Hot Licks in Urban Bagger Magazine

Urban Bagger outlines how to install a Hot Licks Flame Thrower Kit on a motorcycle.



Seeing is believing, but watching real video is totally convincing! Some videos are of customers using just the basic kit to achieve the 6-24 inch blowtorch flames and some are of customers using the basic kit and the mega flames setup to achieve the 3-6 foot wild flames. After checking out these cool videos, we think you'll be an instant "fan of the flame." Included on this page is a flaming bike exhaust video, a flaming mustang video, a fire-breathing Ford truck, and more! All of them show these rides in full action, doing their thing, being real crowd pleasers.

If you have questions after watching these, be sure to contact us by phone or email. We want to make sure all of your concerns are handled.

A Quick Lesson: Exhaust Flames 101

Exhaust flames are no doubt the coolest thing you can add to your ride. But how does it work? Basically, once the basic kit is installed, you rev your motor up and push the activation button that is wired into you ignition system. Once the button is pushed the flames will begin to burn the unburnt unspent exhaust fumes.  When the engine comes down to idle rpm's you let off the button and you are ready to do it again. The basic kit by itself will give you 6-24 inch blowtorch afterburner flames depending on the size engine you have, if it is efi or carbureted, and depending on what aftermarket modifications you have done to your engine. If you want bigger wilder flames that are 3-6 feet plus you will need to also purchase the "Mega Flames Plans". The plans will show you how to purchase and install additional components along with the basic kit to achieve the larger wild flames. Contact us with specifics about your applications to find out how big of flames you can expect and to find out if it will even work on your application.

So are you ready to take the plunge? Order a kit today!

  • Hot Licks featured on Orange County Choppers

  • Basic Hot Licks Exhaust with Active Ignition Method

  • Doritos Commercial Impala with Hot Licks Exhaust

  • Mustang with Basic Hot Licks Exhaust

  • 2010 Camaro with Hot Licks Exhaust

  • Paul Yaffe Originals Custom Chopper with Mega Flames and Hot Licks Basic Single Exhaust Kit

  • Harley Davidson with Hot Licks Dual Exhaust Basic Kit

  • Promo for Sam Macaroni’s movie “The Boss 2 ” featuring Yowza’s Challenger with Propane Flames

  • Hot Licks Basic Single Kit on Turbo Harley Davidson Big Dog of Tampa

  • Hot Licks Basic Dual Kit on Carbureted Truck

  • Hot Licks Single Basic Kit Active Ignition on Brazos Cycles Custom Eddie Bike

  • 1964 Impala with Hot Licks Basic Dual Exhaust Kit

  • Hot Licks Basic Dual Kit Active Ignition on Rocky Pirrone’s “Screamin Eagle” Funny Car

  • Hot Licks Exhaust Dual Exhaust Active Ignition on Bakers Hot Rod

  • Hot Licks Single Exhaust Kit on EFI Sport Bike with Propane

  • Hot Licks Exhaust Basic Kit on Fat Daddys Ice Cream Truck in Las Vegas

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